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Kultura was created by two Real Estate influences who, together, have nearly 20 years of experience. Kultura means Culture, Luxury is our Focus.


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Kultura Group, a luxury Real Estate Boutique, is the newest experience in buying and selling some of the most exclusive real estate in the most beautiful place on earth. Kultura Group is owned and run by Real Estate Influencers Matt Hodges and Abby Sierzputowski, who, combined, have spent nearly two decades mastering their craft. They pride themselves on their credibility, influence, and luxury service. But for these two, it goes deeper.

They wanted to give back to the thing most important to them: their communities. They created a business platform where they can use their influence for good. After months of preparation and hard work, they are now open for business. For Kultura, this is just the beginning. When talking with Broker/Owners Matt and Abby, they said, “We plan to be here for our community today, tomorrow, and always. And it goes beyond buying and selling houses.

We are a concierge to your local lifestyle. Do you need a plumber? A recommendation for local cuisine? Or a beautiful scenic spot to relax? Give us a call today or find us online @kulturagroup


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